Making the best use of clinical radiology
Provides the most appropriate imaging investigations or intervention for any diagnostic or imaging problem

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iRefer: Making the best use of clinical radiology, 8th edition is a synthesis of evidence-based guidelines from UK and international sources and provides recommendations for everyday use of clinical imaging services.

iRefer has begun updating guidelines. Unless otherwise stated, the last revision of the guidelines took place in 2017.  

Referral guidelines can help referrers to request the best, safest and most valuable imaging investigations, facilitating rapid authorisation and justification.

iRefer provides a single entry point to common clinical problems seen in primary and emergency care and offers practical advice on the right test at the right time that should be provided to the general population. This new, updated edition:

  • Conforms to the highest evidence-based standards.
  • Protects the patient from unnecessary ionising radiation.
  • Provides recommendations based on current, evidence-based guidelines, focusing on those most relevant to primary and emergency care.
  • Provides the evidence base for which imaging resources can be used efficiently and effectively, while providing a rational basis to ensure the best use of time and other resources in clinical radiology
  • Offers some guidance for asymptomatic individuals.

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